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Kingdom Keys




Enjoy the story of the Author’s life altering experience of a collision with destiny; you’ll identify with the effects of role changes and the need for a fresh start. See how her life was stripped “down to the studs.” Read on to experience the escape from the dangers of being “In love with an idea.” Walk through the wilderness and discover the power of miracles. Then sit ringside to watch a bout with bitterness in “From bitterness to betterment.”After reading Rise from Ruins reconnect with your own dreams and desires, and be empowered be delving into the hands on exercises that follow topics like “Who Am I Now” and Optimize Your Transition” or “Cultivate the Signature You” and of course “Navigate the Fast track to my Place Called There.” Journal and discover the best of you! This is a read for men and women alike! 


There is a delicate balance between a willingness to wait for the fulfillment of God’s promises, and resigning to be satisfied without them. The ability to embrace the element of timing and divine interjectory is key to realizing inner peace, success and victory throughout your faith journey.
With such chapters as Ebb and Flow; Times and Seasons; Pesky Presumption; The Mark of Maturity; and Zelophehad’s Girls you are sure to gain clarity and strength as you read "I Don’t Mind Waiting But, I Refuse to Be Denied!" Draw away from your own cares as you peruse the Job experience and the story of Joseph who paid a tremendous price for greatness. Settle into these pages, you won’t want to miss a word! 


 GOD'S WAITING ROOM is a powerful series of topics designed to help those who are in the constraint of an emotional battle: and struggling with discontentment and accepting God's timetable.
If you're feeling like God has left you alone to find direction through the winding maze of life; Chapter 1: WHEN YOU DON’T FEEL LIKE GOD HEARS YOU was written for you. If you've made decisions to start over fresh: Chapter 2: STAYING FOCUSED WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE GIVING UP is for you. If you're struggling to overcome bad memories and want freedom from the past, Chapter 3 will surely minister to you. If you're overwhelmed by emotional turmoil be sure you read Chapter 4; ENCOURAGING YOURSELF IN TROUBLED TIMES. Things aren't moving fast enough? Get ready for Chapter 5: WHAT TO DO WHEN GOD SAYS WAIT. Feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel? Chapter 6: EXERCISING FAITH AGAINST ALL ODDS will definitely bring a ray of hope. Chapter 7: SPEAK TO THE MOUNTAIN, is a remedy for every obstacle. Struggling with self worth? Don't miss Chapter 8: YOU ARE ACCEPTED IN THE BELOVED!
At some point in life we all encounter situations that are beyond our control; these are the times we must learn to put confidence in God, grasp hold of our inheritance through the Lord Jesus Christ; and learn to exercise our faith with patience.


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You'll Explore: Human stages of development. Child and adult attachment styles. Developing positive coping skills. How to counteract anxiety and depression. Myths and facts about anger. Effective stress management techniques. Healthy conflict resolution techniques, and much more!


You will explore; Effects of abandonment, ways to overcome abandonment, effects of long tern loneliness, getting beyond rejection, dealing with betrayal, and much more!


In this manual, you will learn to build your brand, take on a new perspective, set yourself up for breakthrough, and more!

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